Critical Interrogation of Practice from Yishu on Vimeo.


February 2, 2015



CIP ( Critical Interrogation of Practice )

If the phones from which most already cannot be pried were to evolve into our anatomy, what would we become? Tweeting-texting-cyborgs? Would speech, expression, and touch become obsolete? When everything is shared, tweeted, followed, and clicked, do even the biggest moments simply get lost in a sea of inane vanity, noise, and triviality? We do enjoy social media, but with the self-awareness that it’s not necessarily a good thing, and is often a distraction from ‘real life’ at hand. The internet is a conglomeration of human data from everywhere – which is really cool, in essence. But we argue that that data is mostly being used to sell things. Who knows what the future will bring? Surely technology will continue to change more rapidly with time, rendering predictions of the future increasingly difficult, albeit interesting. The video is not mean to be a real prediction of the future. It’s more of a finger wag at society now, and sort of glum look at what we have become and could theoretically become. Riding public transport everyday in London, and walking around the city – one wouldn’t be wrong to think it was a city made of foreheads, for it’s all one sees of a person, the way eyes are uniformly down looking at screens. It’s something that, wrong or right, should be considered and noted by people in today’s world. It certainly would not hurt to look up from screens every so often.


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