Creativity & Thinking

January 27, 2016


The world today is encouraging us to realize creative ideas through various ways, such as Co-design and 3D printing, etc.. In addition, there seems to be always a gap between the practice and the creative method.

This project focuses on the creative method aiming to find the possibilities to improve the accessibility of these creative methods in order to help people to stimulate their potential creativity. Moreover to try to explore different ways to display creative techniques, namely, the communication and transmission of them. Through use people are urged to better understand creative thinking.

Five stools designed to deliver the hidden concepts: substitute, combine, put to other use, eliminate and reverse, based on the SCAMPER method research. It is not to force experts to demonstrate every theory through models, but to translate intangible meaning into real objects, so that the audience can play with them and get an interesting experience to rethink the creative method. Because I assume that daily repeated restructuring of tangible objects can keep people highly sensitive and train the creative design thinking. Through this kind of interaction, method is able to be converted into a personal impression in the brain.

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